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TheVeganKind Supermarket 2020


Shopify API


Apollo GraphQL

Tailwind CSS


TheVeganKind Supermarket is the biggest UK-based store for online vegan shopping. Thousands of customers visit it every day to shop vegan food. I with folks from Forkflow helped TVK build the entire web app, that replaced their previous Shopify website. We redefined the UX and UI, giving the website an amazing new look.

EconHacks 2021 (WIP) 2020






EconHacks is a completely free 24 hours virtual hackathon that fosters hackers to solve problems in the field of economics. People from all over the world will gather around in the teams of 1-4 people and use code to solve some of the economic problems we are facing today, especially during this pandemic. I'm creating a website for this event. Uses React and Next.js on the frontend and GraphCMS on the backend. Site is static, data fetched with help of Apollo client. Work in progress 🙂

visionKMK 2020



Python (API and scraper)

A new, custom frontend for Kraków's public transport timetable website. Frontend uses React + Next.js. Data is fetched via the custom-made visionKMK API written in Python that scrapes the data from the original timetable website.

Betonovo - Ławka Niepodległości 2018

Static HTML

Custom CSS


This is a static page dedicated to Betonovo's "Bench of Independence" (pol. "Ławka Niepodległości") - a multimedia bench with decorative text, patriotic music player and a phone charger. The client has taken down the original site, but I'm hosting a mirror so you can still preview it live 🙂

SP8POP amateur radio club 2017-2018


Material Components

Realistic WP Theme

Custom CSS

This is my first production work ever. It's a site built for a local ham radio club located in Rzeszów, Poland. It uses a Realistic WordPress theme with my tweaks and some custom components.